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Work Friendly Footwear

While the term 'Work Friendly' can be overtly boring we here at Shoe Me HQ want to help you add a little retro flare to your work wardrobe and stay comfortable all day long.

TREAT-06 Black Shimmering Fabric - $78.95

Basic black for work? Oh hell no can we get a stunning pair of sparkling flats instead? The Treat-06 features a round toe and hundreds of sparkling rhinestones. These slip on stunners will make your tooties sparkle and pair perfectly with any work day look.

FLAPPER-40 Red Plaid Fabric - $76.95
FLAPPER-40 Black Faux Leather - $76.95

We've searched high and low for the perfect smaller heel to help you strut through that 9-5 grind. Pinup Couture has come to the rescue with the Flapper-40 featuring a 3 Inch (76mm) Spool Heel Round Toe Pump. Avaliable in solid black faux leather or the bold and brilliant red plaid.

You'll be needing both pairs as they are so chic and comfortable. Pair these with a suit, wiggle dress or swing. We  love seeing the red plaid paired with black tailored pants and a blazer. 

RUSSELL-34 Black-Tan Faux Leather -  $109.95

The Wingtip one of the most traditional and classic heels in fashion history. The Russle style features a 2 inch (50.8mm) Block Heel Spectator Wingtip Oxford W/ Brogue Detailing. If you are into 40's styling you can create some absolute magic with this heel and the detailing is so classic and retro repro perfection. With colour choices of all black, brown and a blue/brown and cream mixture  you can style any pair to suit your look. These also look amazing when paired with bobby socks and swing skirts. 

HEPBURN-26 Stone Blue Faux Leather - $108.95

Looking for a more wingtip but would rather a solid colour? Then the Hepburn is for you. Featuring a 1 Inch (25.4mm) Heel Wingtip Oxford W/ Star Cutouts. A modern magical little twist on a traditional wingtip with those adorable little stars. Available in black, stone blue as shown as well as cherry red

These are great for work or play and the perfect shoe for swing dancing! 

Which will you need in your wardrobe?

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