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What's new pussycat June 2018

Have you checked out our new arrivals section this week? We have some super sexy platforms and lots of sparkling nipple pasties! 
Pasties are the perfect way to spice up your lingerie collection or sneak a sparkle into the bedroom. From pole dancing to burlesque or paired with a sheer bra or stop these amazing pieces really add an extra sexy element to everything. 
Plus X: Red & Black Flip Sequin Cross Nipple Pasties - $12.95
Cheetah Print Nipple Pasties - $12.95
Rainbow and Silver Glitter changing Sequin Heart Nipple Pasties  - $12.95
Sparkles, leopard and pride! Choose from one of these adorable heart pasties in a lush pink leopard print or a sparkletastic rainbow flag print. Hearts not your style? Well the red/black flip cross is perfect for your darker looks. 
The sequin styles also change colour! Just brush the sequin's the opposite way for a new look. 
Rose Gold Flip Sequin Starfish Nipple Pasties - $12.95 
Liquid Black Cross Nipple Pasties - $12.95
Crossed Caution Tape Nipple Pasties - $12.95
Retro star shapes perfect for mermaid costumes, space age cuties or even very vintage follies. We also have stunningly bold black and caution tape pasties for the more gothic styling. 



Pink Cupcake Happy Birthday Nipple Pasties - $12.95

Silver Glitter Star with Tassel Fringe Nipple Pasties- $12.95

Looking for that perfect birthday gift for you partner? How about a sneaky little hidden cupcake!  Looking for something a little more spectacular? Well then our tasseled stars are a showstopper!!!


XTREME-809CRS Black/Black-Silver AB Rhinestone - $176.95

709-SHOW Purple Ombre - $115.95

Now we can't have a Shoeme blog and not feature footwear can we?  Our latest and hottest heels have just hit the webstore.  The Extreme-809 in silver and black features an 8 Inch (200mm) Heel, 4 Inch (100mm) Platform Ankle Strap Sandal w/ Contrast Rhinestones on the Platform Bottom. The sleek black patent leather paired with a sparkled inner heel makes these heels shine and sparkle like the night sky. 

Looking to add a little more colour into your collection but don't want anything to overpowering? Then the 709-Show in Purple Ombre is perfect for you. A stunning black to deep purple gradient base featuring a 7 Inch (175mm) Heel, 2 3/4 Inch (75mm) Platform Ankle Strap Sandal with ombre glitter platform. The mixture of ombre with glitter makes these platforms stunning and unique. 

Which will you be putting on your lust list this week?




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