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Sparkle and Shine June 2018

This week we have some amazing new sparkling stock in to make those tootsies shine!  We have scales, rhinestones, glitter and more!
ADORE-709MSC Silver Hologram/Silver Chrome - $119.95
Have you ever wanted to be a chrome holographic mermaid? Well, we can help achieve your dream with the Adore-709 platform. Featuring a 7 Inch (178mm) Heel, 2 3/4 Inch (70mm) Platform Ankle Strap Sandal Chrome Plated Platform Bottom, these babies are high yet super comfortable and sleek. Just look at that shine!
MOON-708LG Clear/Purple Multi Glitter - $139.95
Purple sparkles? Oh hell YES!!! The Moon-708 heels feature a 7 Inch (178mm) Heel, 2 3/4 Inch (70mm) Cut-Out Platform Ankle Strap Sandal Featuring Holographic Glitters Covering the Entire Platform Bottom. When the light hits the holographic purple glitter these sparkle like crazy and the cut out section makes these even more lightweight.
RADIANT-708T Clear/Silver-Clear - $139.95
RADIANT-708T Clear/Black-Clear - $139.95
RADIANT-708SDT Clear/Black - $158.95
RADIANT-708SDT Clear/Clear - $158.95

Now for a little more bling! The Radient T and SDT style are absolutely stunning. Featuring a 7 Inch (178mm) Heel, 3 1/4 (83mm) Platform Ankle Strap Sandal Featuring Muti-size Rhinestones Studded on the Heel and Outer Side of the Tinted Platform on the 708T style and a solid black or completely clear base on the 708SDT. 
The tinted platform gives that stunning shade/gradient effect, while the SDT style really makes those rhinestones pop.

KISS-208GF Clear/Silver Multi Glitter - $113.95
KISS-208GF Clear/Lavender Multi Glitter - $113.95
KISS-208GF Clear/Gold Multi Glitter - $113.95
KISS-208GF Clear/Black Multi Glitter - $113.95
Are you looking for a slightly smaller heel and platform combo but still want that sparkle? Then the Kiss-208 style is for you! Featuring a 6 Inch (152mm) Heel, 1 3/4 Inch (44mm) Platform Ankle Strap Sandal W/ Holographic Glitter Filled Platform. Yes, you read that right the heel and platform is filled with glitter. 
These clear strapped platforms elongate your pins and the glitter sparkles like crazy. 
So what style has you heart? Are you mad for mermaid prints or ready to sparkle and shine?
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