More Push and Pole Goodies! SHOE ME

More Push and Pole Goodies!

This week we have 4 adorable prints from Push and Pole in the most comfortable leggings ever created and one more cropped hoodie.
With soft and sweet colours, unmatched comfort and lets face it some of the cutest creatures ever featured you'll be spoilt for choice with the new arrivals in our active wear section.
The Circus Sloths are back in legging form! Such a sweet and talented bunch of animals we have there. Never have we ever seen sloths look so graceful! The mixture of solid blue back ground and horizontal stripes make this print really pop. Made of polyester/spandex fabric for that great stretch and fit.
The beasts have come out to play! A super funky one of a kind print featuring pole dancing beasts in the fiercest of pole poses. Don't let these cute critters fool you - they're still beasts. The mixture of pastel almost cloud like sections on these leggings create such a stunning colour transition and it's absolutely magical when paired with the cute little beasts.
All items shown in this post are available in size XS to XL!
Getting flexy has never been cuter! Whether you are just trying to touch your toes or are a full on contortionist our Flexy leggings will get you to where you want to be while looking super cute. Featuring an adorable girl showing us all those moves paired with stunning flowers and text. The soft lavender base compliments the design perfectly.

Remember those little panda pole swinging cuties from the tank top last year? Well, due to popular demand these sweet bears have been worked into our amazing cropped hoodie style. Such an easy piece to style for casual outfits or working out.

Which is on your lust list?
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