I  said pet, I said love, I said please! SHOE ME

I said pet, I said love, I said please!

How freaking Iconic was Maxi this week? Not only did we get the most glorious runway look for Sea-Sickening covered in pearls, looking like a curvy AF Marilyn Monroe but the snatch game made us oh so proud! 

So let's chat about the runway looks heels from our store! Now Maxi paired this stunning look with our now discontinued (sneaky last of stock snap up!) Pearlize Mule. The perfect pairing to the full look,  but don't you worry you can still get snap up a stunning pair like these online. 


Our suggestion is the sweet as sugar ADORE-708LG Clear/Opal Multi Glitter platforms. The perfect multiple reflective yet soft glitter base with we clear sandal. 

With inspiration taking from both the pearls and that amazing necklace these glitter based babies would be perfect.

Can we also hail Maxi's version of Lynne Postlethwaite one of the most iconic Magda Szubanski characters. I've been quoting this since my childhood as a huge fan of Fast Forward. I love seeing such an iconic character created so well! Maxi you've made us and Magda proud!




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