Gangster! SHOE ME


For the final costume inspiration blog post we've gone a little retro. One of the most sleek and sophisticated costumes on the market has to be the old school 1930/40's Gangster. 

The perfect mix of superb tailoring, bold uses of black and white or stunning pinstripes and the perfect excuse to pop on a pair of braces and funky fedora. 

Inspired by the those wide legged pants, button up shirts, classically sleek double breasted suits and all the trimmings. You can create a traditional Gangster look and pair any of our collection with your outfit. 

The 30's and 40's Gangster style was effortless chic and suited up to the max. So if you are inspired to revisit this retro era of Tommy guns, braces, sleek vintage inspired heels and brogues this this is the must do Halloween Costume for you. 

What we love most about this costume/theme is how it can work all year round and the footwear from the era work with modern silhouettes, retro reproduction looks and more. 

With a huge selection of saddle and flapper style shoes you can create the perfect retro look with 100% comfort. From flats to heels, bold bright reds to classic black and white more formal pieces. The timeless design of these style means you can pair them with a LBD, little spring floral frock or even a sleek modern suit. 

Don't limit such stunning footwear to just one costume! Wear these all day every day and look absolutely fab! 

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