Footwear of the future SHOE ME

Footwear of the future

As fashion evolves the pairing of technology and stunning styles will always produce amazing concepts and brilliant designs. 

This week we have been introduced to the latest technical marvels from Pleaser and our minds are absolutely blown. 

Pairing those essential Pleaser platform styles with amazing light up, programmable and sound reactive technology. The style shown here are the Echolite's which respond to music or clapping. 

These heels are the future of fashion! 

Now how do you program a pair of shoes? With absolute ease!! Each pair comes with an 18 inch dual USB cable which can be connected to your PC or laptop and then you are charging!! To program the shoes just press the round button located on the back of the platform and turn it on. Next you'll just need to cycle through the until you hit your desired colour or setting. To turn these features off just hold the same button until the lights go out. 

Be sure to charge your heels for 1 to 2 hours prior to use and the full charge should offer you 4-5 hours of light up brilliance. Just look at those colours and patterns. These pieces will be iconic and the possible uses are endless.

We can see these in dance competitions, video clips and more! The genius behind these pieces makes us super excited for the future of Pleasers technological creations. 

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