Flamingos!!! SHOE ME


Our best selling heels have arrived in new colours! With glitter, chrome and all the stunning features you've come to know, love and trust from the Pleaser Flamingo
FLAMINGO-809 Black Patent/Red Chrome - $139.95
FLAMINGO-808HGI Clear/Silver Hologram Inserts  - $139.95
A popular and classic style the Flamingo heels are super high, light weight and absolutely amazing to wear. So popular that the 809 and 808 Flamingo styles have arrived in new colours!
The Chrome styles seem to be the must have of the season and with classic pastel colours and bright ruby red how can you say no? The Flamingo-809 feature an 8 inch heel, 4 inch platform and ankle strap detailing. Sleek and sexy with a choice between a PU upper or holographic.
 FLAMINGO-809HG Silver Hologram/Silver Chrome - $147.95
FLAMINGO-809HG Rose Gold Hologram/Rose Gold Chrome - $147.95
FLAMINGO-809HG Baby Pink Hologram/Baby Pink Chrome - $147.95
FLAMINGO-808HGI Clear/Pink Hologram Inserts  - $147.95
How stunning are these soft chrome colours and that iridescent shine? These pieces are perfect for  pole, dancing, club wear of even competitions.
Then we have the Flamingo 808 with Hologram inserts in both pink/clear and silver clear! Fearuring an 8 inch heel, 4 inch platform and the same style of ankle strap.  The  Hologram Inserts are what make this style pop though. Light reflecting inserts that take these heels to an out of this world level.
Which Flamingo is on your lust list?
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