Fantasy, Comic Creations and Super Hero's SHOE ME

Fantasy, Comic Creations and Super Hero's

This week we are Superhero crazy and getting ready to be our favourite comic book heroes and fantasy characters for all of the of our Halloween parties! 


Have you ever dreamed being a Superhero? Well we can help you create the perfect Wonder Woman costume with a selection of amazing boots. 

Wonder Woman 


We have a selection of both the white and red or gold and red knee high boots in both chunky or stiletto heels. 


In traditional super comfy gogo style heels or super hunky platform base. 

But don't fret out collections are not limited to only super hero pieces you can also snap up some amazing story book, fantasy and film pieces. We have the most amazing Wizard of Oz inspired ruby slippers in a variety of heel heights and styles. 

A Classic and all year round stunning style has to be the Crystal Slipper inspired CLEARLY-420 CLEAR LUCITE that sparkles like crazy. Perfect for Cinderella costumes and to wear all summer long.

Of maybe Alice in Wonderland is more your style? Then we have all of your Queen of Hearts, Alice and The Cheshire Cat footwear covered. 

With a selection like this you'll be booking in multiple dress up and Halloween parties just so you can look FAB in each and every piece! Funtasma's costume themed pieces not only look amazing but they are comfortable and long lasting. So why not add a few bold pieces to your wardrobe right now!

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