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Have you checked out our new Coming Soon selection? With coloured chrome, sleek blacks, glittered unicorns and frosted Ombre platforms. So many new and exiting colour ways of all your  favourite's and many more new and beautiful pairs of heels.
XTREME-809TTG Silver Metallic Pu/Silver Chrome-Glitter - $157.95 AUD        
                  XTREME-809TTG Red Metallic Pu/Red Chrome-Glitter - $157.95 AUD       
XTREME-809TTG  Rose Metallic Pu/Rose Chrome-Glitter - $157.95 AUD    

So you loved our new chrome heels and boots but felt you needed something more? Well, the Extreme-809 style features all of the stunningly sleek chrome details with a matching glitter inner heel and platform. Every shoe needs more sparkle! Featuring a 8 inch (200mm) heel and a 4 inch (100mm) platform, super high yet super comfortable and light.

DELIGHT-688 Black Pat/Black - $137.95
DELIGHT-600-29 Black Faux Leather/Black Matte - $149.95

When you're lusting after a patent pair of black boots but you still love the classic Delight mary jane style heel the 688 style is a must have. This style is the best of both words as it's a little bit of both! Featuring a 6 inch (152mm) heel, 1 3/4 inch (45mm) platform, lace-up front in a true ankle bootie style. The shiny black patent leather also makes these booties that little bit more deelish.

Next we have the gothic ballerina heel of your dreams! A style which will sell out like hotcakes the Delight-600 is perfection. A delicate front lacing boot featuring a 6 inch (152mm) heel and a 1 3/4 inch (45mm) platform in a black matte faux leather. The laces on this style are so bold and brilliant so be sure to pair them with coloured tights or even rethread with bright silk laces.
FLAMINGO-822T Red Faux Leather/Faded Red Ombre - $140.95
FLAMINGO-822T Fushia Faux Leather/Fadded Fushia Ombre - $140.95
FLAMINGO-822T Black Leather/Frosted Red Ombre - $140.95
FLAMINGO-822T Black Faux Leather/Faded Black Ombre - $140.95
FLAMINGO-822T Blue Faux Leather/Blue-Purple Ombre - $140.95

Ombre is huge this year and we have a plethora of stunning colour blending styles! The stunning and bold Flamingo-822 heels are here with a variety of amazing colours paired with faded ombre or frosted platforms. Featuring a 8 inch (200mm) heel, 4 inch (100mm) platform and criss-cross ankle straps. The only issue you'll have with these amazing heels is choosing which colour you'll be buying!

 UNICORN-1020G Purple-Blue Glitter/Black - $180.95
UNICORN-1018G Purple-Blue Glitter/Black - $175.95
Lastly, we have the magical Unicorn booties! Which will you be wanting? A lace up front boot with full coverage or a peekaboo style? All that glitter, all those colours - sooooooo perfect!!!

These styles feature a 7 inch (178mm) Unicorn heel, 3 1/4 inch (83mm) platform with a lace-up front or back. The mini iridescent glitters cover the entire platform bottom and the glitter ombre heel. These also glow under UV lights! Pure magic in shoe form.

So which styles will you be snapping up today?
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