Carpe! SHOE ME


New product alert!!!! We have discovered what will be your best friend for pole work outs, dancing and pretty much day to day life - Carpe Antiperspirant! 

Carpe Hand Antiperspirant 40mL  - $24.95

Carpe Antiperspirant Lotion is the U.S #1 dermatologist-recommended, over-the-counter treatment for sweaty and clammy hands and feet. Carpe is clinical strength, non-irritating, paraben free, cruelty free, safe for sensitive skin, and not tested on animals. Made in the USA.

Immediate Relief & Long-Term Results. The prefect product to help you in pole class all year round and if you are looking for some extra production in those super hot summer months then this is the product for you!

Studies on Carpe's active ingredient show 60%+ reduction after 4 weeks of continuous use. and a tube of Carpe will last about 2-3 months with daily use.

Renew your confidence, stop clammy hands, prevent blisters and chafing, and improve your grip without a sticky or powdery mess. No longer suffer with the paranoia of excess sweating! Bring on summer!

No Sweat Body Wipes - $29.95

Antiperspirant wipes are a new, convenient method of applying antiperspirant with less mess and more control. If you have problem areas these wipes can easily and effectively keep you cool, calm and dry. Be in under arms, forehead or any other area Carpe has you covered. 

Each package contains fifteen wipes which should keep users dry for about two weeks if they are used daily. 

Carpe has you covered this summer - no sweat! 

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