Bits and Bats! SHOE ME

Bits and Bats!

Starting our spooky themed posts with a few batty styles to make your little Gothic heart sing!!
Demonia are forever creating stunning silver bat hardware for their boots, mary-janes and more so here are out stand out favourites. 
ASHES-55 Black Vegan Leather
One of the most chunky and funky pairs of boots on the planet has to be the Ashes-55 boot. A soft yet super thick base to give you heaps of height, while the top of the boot is adored with silver bats and spikes! 
CAMEL-201 Black-Silver Hologram Vegan
CAMEL-201 Silver Hologram-Black Vegan
Another must have batty style is the Camel-201. Think retro gothic glam with a spooky twist. Available in black or silver and covered with the cutest little bat cut outs! 
SPRITE-09 Black Vegan Leather-Velvet
Not looking for a boot? How about one of the most adorable pairs of platform mary-janes? The Sprite-09 features a mixture of faux suede and leather all topped off with a removable embroidered bat. A two in one shoe always sells out super fast so if you love this look jump on it! 
EMILY-100 Black Vegan Leather
We even have you covered for Summer! The Emily-100 slides are absolutely effortless and adorable. Featuring the same metal bats and rivets as used on the Ashes boot. Perfect for the beach, poolside etc. 
Which batty style have you got your eyes on?
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