Bats In The Belfry SHOE ME

Bats In The Belfry

Is there anything else in the haunted Halloween world more cute and fuzzy than a spooky little bat?  Not only are theses little critters absolutely adorable but they also have one of the most iconic shapes and guys and ghouls around the globe wear theme with pride. 

We've Gone Batty! 

This year Demonia have created some of the most funky super chunky platform Bat themed footwear. With bold wings, metal detailing and the cutest little silver bat charms. No matter what your style is we'll have something batty related to match your look.  .

We have traditional creepers in black glitter and lilac with epic wings, stunningly sweet pointed ballet flats with some seriously sharp glitter wing vibes and more more summer friendly pieces in bold platform mules and sandals. We also stock a super cute and chunky pair of batty mary janes that will send your heart a flutter. 

With amazingly light and comfy platforms two to 3 inches in height you can rest assured that your feet will be comfy all day and you'll still have great height. With the addition of summer friendly open toe wedges you can wear your Gothic looks all year round without overheating.

With such brilliantly spooky designs and little features you'll be able to wear these pieces all year round. Pair the simple black bat flats with your work looks and add that kooky element of your personality into your office style and save the more bold pieces for going on on the town. 

Which will you be snapping up?

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