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All About Metalics

This past year we have been spoilt rotten with the amazing selection of prints, sparkles and stunning new creations from Pleaser but have you discovered Metallics yet?
Pleaser's very popular SKY-309MT have just been released in a funky range of bold metallic shades that will have you swooning.
SKY-309MT Blue Metallic PU/Blue Tinted - $118.95
SKY-309MT Baby Blue Metallic PU/Baby Blue Tinted - $118.95
There is something so sleek and modern about a metallic fabric and when paired with clear tinted platforms these the Sky-309 heel creates an almost retro modern vibe - think blade runner/modern pole dancer. 
Featuring a 7 Inch (178mm) Heel, 2 3/4 Inch (70mm) Tinted Platform Ankle Strap Sandal available in two shades or blue - that baby blue is perfection right? You can also snap up these stunning shades : 
SKY-309MT Fuchsia Metalic PU /Fuchsia Tinted - $118.95
SKY-309MT Red Metalic PU /Red Tinted - $118.95
The fuchsia and red metallic styles will pair with looks all year round due to the fact that they are warm shades. They look even more amazing when paired with a simple all black look as they are the stand out star of any outfit. 
SKY-309MT Bronze Metalic PU/Bronze Tinted - $118.95
Not looking for such bright colours? Then the bronze version is for you. Such a natural looking shade with a stunningly warm rich tone. Perfect for winter fabrics and patterns. 
Which will you be snapping up today? 
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