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X-Otic Sox

Sick of the platforms on your favourite exotic shoes getting dings and chips from practicing? X-otic SoX are the original and BEST solution!

X-Ortic Sox - $25.00

X-otic soX is a fabric tube that goes onto the platform of the shoe to take the beatings instead of your beautiful shoes. The sole is left open, so the grip is still there, and the fabric tube is stretchy so it can be pulled onto almost any size platform. Any excess tube can either be pulled onto the toe of the shoe, or folded over. They're reversible, so wear them either colour showing, or both colours half and half.
Avaliable in 3 print/colour options of leopard, camo and solid black. These amazing creations will buffer your most beloved heels from scrapes and store them in perfect condition of years to come. Scuffs when practicing can be devastating but these babies will help protect your faves.
X-otic soX are designed to take the damage instead of your shoes. X-otic soX are going to get damaged during use, but better the sox rather than our precious heels! But some floors will take their toll quicker than others. We recommend they are used on proper pole studio floors (laminate, wood, vnyl, etc.)
£1 from every pair sold has been donated to SWARM Collective, SWARM is a collective founded and led by sex workers who believe in self-determination, solidarity and co-operation.
What an amazing way to support SWARM and protect your shoe collection!
Which do you have on your lust list?
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