Sparkle, Sparkle! SHOE ME

Sparkle, Sparkle!

This week is all about sparkles baby!! Our latest arrival sparkles like the night sky in blue and deep purple multi dimensional glitter.  Sky high stiletto heels with soft sparkled flecks of light reflecting brilliance adorn our Adore and Flamingo styles. 

FLAMINGO-1021OMBG Purple Multi Glitter/Black - $198.95 

Our Flamingo styles are forever flying off the shelves as they offer amazing height with their 8 inch heel and 4 inch platform. The 1021OMBG Boot features the classic lace up boot features plus a peeptoe. 

FLAMINGO-1020OMBG Purple Multi Glitter/Black - $198.95

Not a fan of the peeptoe? Don't worry! We've got you covered with the closed toe version. Don't you just love the difference between the platform glitter and upper of the boot? The perfect mixture to create a really stunning and bold shimmer effect. 

ADORE-1020OMBG Purple Multi Glitter/Black - $192.95 

My personal favourite has to be the Adore version of this glittering piece of perfection. The 7 inch heel and 2 3/4 inch platform are tall yet still easy enough to wear day or night. The glittering effect is still magical and if you are not comfortable in an super high style this is a great start. 



From purple to one of the phenomenal blue glitter mixtures ever created. Our second new arrival in the Adore style is absolutely out of this galaxy! Just look at those colours.

Which sparkled boots will you be snapping up?


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