More Costume Creations! SHOE ME

More Costume Creations!

The countdown is getting smaller and All Hallows Eve and Halloween are right around the corner. So the question is have you completed your costume of spooky look yet?

Here are a few more ideas for the all your trick or treating needs.

Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic female super heroes and you can style your own WW costume to perfection with these Wonder-130 stretch pu boots in red and gold! They were made for all of your Wonder Woman styling needs and fit like an absolute dream. Featuring a 3 3/4 Inch Heel these will make you feel and look like a stunning super hero.

Looking for a thicker heel and a more retro cute yet ghoulish vibe? Well how about a GoGo Dancing Skeleton? Pair these amazing Gogo boots with a skeleton printed shit dress, retro hair and skull makeup and boogie the night away. Featuring a  3" Block Heel Knee High this Gogo Boot has a Xray Print and full Inner Side Zipper.

What about the classic gangster/mobster costume? Something sleek and sexy paired with a stogie and a fake Tommy Gun. The Contessa will pair perfectly with this look as it features a 4 Inch Black in the classic mary jane style.

Looking for something a little more soft yet royal? How about a simple toga, gold leaf crown and a god/goddess or even an Egyptian themed costume? This gold snakes skin gladiator sandal features a 3 1/2 Inch Heel, Gold Snake Skin faux leather and a back zip.
Be sure to order yours now so they will arrive in time!
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