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After the success of my last Fantasma Thigh High Boot order I knew that I needed to add more and more pairs to my collection. So armed with all my already known fit info I jumped online and snapped up a these super sexy lace up boots.

 DOMINATRIX-3024X Black Patent - $169.95
Now I never expected to find a thigh high boots that fit my curvy upper legs let alone multiple pairs but Fantasma have curvy girls covered with these amazingly epic lace up PVC boots.
Featuring a 4 inch heel, wide width shaft and lace up details these babies lace up with 25 hooks - yes you read that right 25!!! What I love about these has to be the unique way of lacing. Usually we  have the lace into a grommet style but for these they have little hooks which allow for more movement and stretch. 
While some people might think that the amount of lacing is daunting it's really easy as there is an inner zipper on each boot. Once you do your first lace up you'll only have to zip in or out for future wear.
Now lets chat about fit! I'm wearing a size 10US and the foot fit is perfection. I really love how comfortable and consistent each Fantasma branded boot is. As for the amount of room these heels have for super curvy thighs? They have plenty! I actually found that I could tighten my laced rather close and still have room. I found that the other pair of thigh highs from this brand were just as roomy so if you have no luck with standard boots be sure to try these out.
I've paired my boots stockings as I love the clash of black fabrics. They work with so many different colours and prints plus they also look amazing over super skinny jeans. I can't wait to keen styling these and shooting with them over the next few months.
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