Style Watch - Maxi Shield! SHOE ME

Style Watch - Maxi Shield!

Another week has passed and it's time to drool over looks we got served this past weekend from our girl Maxi Shield on Drag Race Downunder! From curve hugging, boobie bouncing, sparkling capri perfection on the Maxi Challenge to the ultimate daggy bum bag chic on the Runway. 

So lets talk looks and of course footwear! Holy hell in capri pants Maxi!! I wan this look for my collection. Giving us retro inspired curvy AF glam on the Maxi Challenge with this little number.

Paired perfectly with the Fabulicious COCKTAIL-501SDT Clear/Black slides. That effortless mule style with rhinestone studded 5 inch heel and 1 inch platform. The perfect stage shoe for both height and comfort. Maxi added an extra strap as well just to make sure no heels went flying into the judges. 

Curvy pinup/grease vibes are radiating from this look and we are loving it. 

The Runway look gave us the Bogan Prom theme and by golly did some lookers turn up. Our Maxi rocked a gold, glitter and mixed patterns to give us Chaperon Realness. 

From a bold pucci style bum bag to that gold two piece this look is brilliant and hilarious. Now we wanna know are you going to spike the punch with something hidden in that bum bag? 

Sticking with the comfort and class of the Fabulicious COCKTAIL-501SDT  but for this look the full clear version. A little glitz, glam and all that sparkle - pairs perfectly with Maxi!

We can't get enough of both of these looks and can't wait to see what the next episode brings.


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