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PoleCon Australia!

The International Pole Convention (PoleCon) announces its first overseas event, with our new Australian license holder! It just so happens to be out amazing director Jessica Brown!!!
PoleCon Australia will be held in Sydney 12-14 April 2019, in conjunction with the first ever Pole and Aerial Park at The Fitness Show (fitness-show.com.au).
PoleCon Australia participants can access a range of free seminars and workshops, and will have the option to book additional workshops with national and international pole stars. All attendees will also receive passes to the The Fitness Show, with priority access to the Pole and Aerial Park zone presented by Shoe Me & X-Pole Australia. This interactive zone will include performances, tutorials and the ability to touch, play and sample a wide variety of X-Pole Pole and Aerial Equipment. In addition, PoleCon ticket holders will receive exclusive access to a VIP networking event held on the evening of 12 April and a showbag of samples and discounts valued at over $300 RRP.
A PoleCon Industry Seminar will also be held for instructors/studio owners during the day on 12 April. Topics include; Social Media and Content Marketing, Leadership and Team Building, Injury Prevention and Rehab, Competition Guidelines and Event Management and more!
Jessica Brown an avid poler, now holds the license for PoleCon in Australia and is working with her team to make the first event a huge success.
“I couldn’t be more excited for PoleCon Australia!” PoleCon CEO Colleen Jolly exclaimed. “The Australian pole community is rich and diverse; when Jessica contacted me about wanting to start a PoleCon Australia, it just made perfect sense.”
When asked ‘Why PoleCon?’ Jessica responded: “I did a lot of research about different events before contacting Colleen. What I love about PoleCon is the community. I wanted to bring that to Australia.”
“PoleCon’s goal is for everyone to see and appreciate the many facets of pole,” Jolly said. “The convention is a cross between an industry association-type convention and a public event. It is a place to come together, from each other and grow. PoleCon keeps growing state-side, I can’t wait to see what happens this April in Sydney!”
About International Pole Convention: founded in 2009, PoleCon is the original annual event celebrating the pole dance and pole fitness community hosted in a new city every year. PoleCon celebrates the diversity of the pole dance/pole fitness community. Come to learn, share and grow with men and women of all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities, and fitness levels then stay for the community. #poleconisforeveryone #poleconiscommunity
To learn more about PoleCon Australia or to purchase tickets, please visit
www.poleconvention.com.au  or call 02 7200 2525.
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PoleConAus/
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/poleconaus/
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