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Platform Shoes Care Guide

We have a few tips and tricks to make your planform shoes and boots stay in perfect shape!

No deep bends


Platform shoes have no flex in the sole. A deep bend or squat can cause the heel to pull away from the sole prematurely.


Keep heels on THE floor AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE


Even distribution of pressure helps keep your platforms stronger for longer when standing.


Unzip them fully 


When taking them on and off, first loosen the laces then undo the zip completely to prevent busted zips.


Consider The Weather

If worn in the rain be sure to wipe them dry, remove wet laces and store in a dry location. don't store in extreme heat (like the boot of your car!) or direct sunlight as the glues will break down and material may fade.


Clean and Protect them

Waterproof your heels with a shoe protector. You can also clean most pairs with detergent and a soft cloth. don't use water on patent shoes - they will lose shine.


Get the right size

Shoes that are too tight will put too much pressure on the seams. make sure you have enough room to rotate and flex your foot. hot tip: don't lace boots too tight!


Hopefully, this helps your platform boots live an awesomely long life! Be sure to check back with us and learn all the tips and tricks to properly take care of your platform boots.


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