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New Demonia Arrivals December 2019

An amazing selection of bold and bright Demonia boots have hit the new arrivals section just in time to snap up for a last minute Xmas gift! 

Brilliant reflective features, glow in the dark styles and some fluro fun to cover you over the holiday/NYE festival season. 

Look brilliant, shine like crazy and always be comfortable in Demonia. To the left you can see the chunky brilliance of the Ashes-55 in black. With a 3 1/2 base and silver bat buckles perfect for pairing with any look, plus the extra addition of the spiked straps makes us swoon. You can snap these up in white as well!! 


This week in we have some awesome bright pops of colour in the Slacker styles of 52 and 32. Neon green and pink in Slacker-52 with a 2 Inch platform and adjustable ankle straps. These bold highlights and straps are UV IRIDESCENT so they will glow like crazy under black light! The 2 inch base is also super comfortable and you can dance for hours. 

The other Slacker style are a Back to the Future inspired style fab sneaker boot with 2 Inch platform with touch fastener and  quick release plastic buckle straps. So futuristic! 

We have also received the new Emily-330 style in white and black vegan leather and a shiny stunning PVC! Complete with holographic and highly reflective hears on each boot strap! The Emily boots are a customer favouirte as they are are the perfect height and effortlessly easy to style.

So if you need to snap up any of these for Christmas be sure to order today so you can have these delivered in time!!! Our cut off time is 10pm Friday the 13th!!!

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